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What is the difference between Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western medicine?

Western medicine addresses the illness by simply removing its symptoms, such as fever, headaches, a runny nose, various aches, etc. This means that the effect of medication is temporary, while the root cause of the illness remains. TCM relates to individuals holistically and regards them as the total sum of their physical and emotional aspects. The herbs work at the cellular level to bring harmony between the various body functions. This is why the results can be lasting.

How long does it take until results are noticeable?

In chronic cases, changes begin to be noticeable after 4-8 weeks, when the formula is taken three time daily, without interruption. There have been cases in which an improvement was noticed after only 10 days.

What are the advantages of a solution (liquid)?

It has been found that medicinal plants ingested in liquid form produce the optimal effect in the shortest period of time

Can Nurture & Clarity® formulas be taken alongside other medication?

Yes, with your physician's approval and guidance, Nurture & Clarity® formulas may be taken alongside other medication, because they contain medicinal plants that provide the brain with the essential nutrients it requires for its proper functioning. The formulas even reduce the negative side effects suffered by some individuals taking other ADD-ADHD medications, such as loss of appetite.

Are Nurture & Clarity® formulas suitable for children, adolescents and adults?

Yes, Nurture & Clarity® formulas are suitable for all age groups. The dosage is determined on the basis of each individual’s age and weight. See the Usage page for precise instructions.

Are Nurture & Clarity® formulas FDA approved?

Each and every one of the medicinal plants contained in the formulas is certified as nutritional supplement approved for human consumption by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Do children like the taste of the Nurture & Clarity®?

Most children take the formula, which is diluted in water, willingly. If preferred, the formula can be added to a small cup of natural fruit juice, or a bit of honey may be added to the diluted formula.

How long does treatment with Nurture & Clarity® take?

Based on the positive results of hundreds of patients, after about two years the beneficial effects of the formula have taken effect at such a deep level that it can be discontinued permanently.

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