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Developers of a Natural Herbal Solution for ADD/ADHD

Tree of Healing-LD is a clinic where children, adolescents, and adults receive treatment for attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD), as well as for difficulties resulting from dyslexia, Tourette’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS and other emotional and behavioral problems that often accompany these maladies.

Diagnosis and treatment are based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Prescribed formulas are composed of medicinal plants certified as nutritional supplements approved for human consumption. The effectiveness of the formulas has been proven by the successful treatment of hundreds of patients, and is documented in a medically supervised clinical trial that observed, tested for, and reported significant improvement in the participants within a period of several weeks, with no adverse side effects whatsoever.

Tree of Healing-LD was established by Hadassa Kol-Degani and Liora Tanury Kav-Venaki – both licensed Acupuncturist Herbalists (Lic. Ac. Dip T.C.M. Hbs) who developed medicinal plant formulas for the natural treatment of a wide range of behavioral disorders. Based on clinical results and expertise acquired over the years, they developed Nurture & Clarity® and Nurture & Clarity-H®, two patented formulas derived entirely from medicinal plants. These formulas have been clinically tested and have proven to lengthen attention span and strengthen the ability to concentrate in people of all ages.

Through providing over-the-counter formulas that could be ordered and shipped worldwide, they reached the goal they had set for themselves: to help the largest possible number of people struggling with attention deficit disorders to realize their full potential.Since the passing of Liora Tanury Kav-Venaki in 2009, Hadassa Kol-Degani has headed the clinic’s research facilities, while Dr. Gideon Stein (M.D., M.B.A.), CEO of Tree of Healing-LD, handles its administration and management.

Tree of Healing-LD

20 Bazelet St.
Rosh Ha'Ayin 48540


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