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Natural Treatment for ADHD


Since an estimated 2 million children in the United States - approximately one child in every classroom - suffer from ADHD, the need to find a solution is urgent.

The most typical ADHD treatment is drug therapy that often has unpleasant side effects. This is really hitting home with new warnings being issued following a few deaths. Loss of appetite is probably the most common side effect of these medications. What's of growing concern to parents, teachers, and health care professionals is that it is highly problematic to suppress appetite in children during the formative years, during the period critical to brain growth and development.

The brain is over 60% Fat. "Essential" Fatty Acids (brain "building blocks") must be supplied for brain health, and these nutrients can only be supplied by diet or supplements. Nurture & Clarity-H® is a formula that has been clinically tested and found to effectively reduce hyperactivity, increase attention span, and support impulse control within 3-4 weeks. The crucial factor in its success: it does not suppress the appetite. Instead, it contains ingredients that nourish and normalize the brain at the cellular level.


Nurture & Clarity® / Nurture & Clarity-H® is to be administered 3 times daily.
The dosage indicated below is the total daily dosage, and is determined by the patient’s weight:

Up to 44 lb – 6 cc (= 2 cc x 3)
44-55 lb 7.5 cc (= 2.5 cc x 3)
56-66 lb – 9 cc (= 3 cc x 3)
67-77 lb – 10.5 cc (= 3.5 cc x 3)
78-88 lb – 12 cc (= 4 cc x 3)
89-132 lb – 13.5 cc (= 4.5 cc x 3)
135+ lb – 15 cc (= 5 cc x 3)

Quick Instructions

1. Shake the bottle before measuring out the Nurture & Clarity®/ Nurture & Clarity-H®.
2. Dilute the formula: Measure out the dosage into a small cup. Pour approximately 2 tablespoons of boiling water into the cup to evaporate the alcohol, which serves as a solvent. Let cool to room temperature. Add about 1/8 cup of water or natural fruit juice or root beer. The total quantity of the liquid should ideally be a quantity that can be drunk in one gulp.
3. Start gradually: On the first day – one dose only, on the second day – two doses only and on the third day and onwards – three doses daily.
4. If on the first days the child exhibits any side effects or allergic reactions (no such cases reported thus far), stop administering the formula, and contact us.
5. If the child is sick (flu, etc.) discontinue treatment with Nurture & Clarity®/ Nurture & Clarity-H® until he/she is well again.
6. It is important to ensure the child takes Nurture & Clarity®/ Nurture & Clarity-H® continuously, three times daily.


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